Our Menu

Experience traditional and tantalizing cuisine. Our menu is constantly changing so that we can use the freshest, seasonal ingredients to create unique experiences for our diners.

Bread and Salads

Garlic Bread (Chip Happens!)
$ 12

Char-grilled sourdough baguette, salt, olive oil, thyme, crispy shallots and garlic chips

While the Vegetarian Gently Wept
$ 22

Crisp lettuce hearts are showered with chunks of cucumber, tomato and feta cheese then sprinkled with oregano, olives and lemon dressing

The Blue Note Salad
$ 22

Portobello mushroom steaks are herb grilled with sheep's milk haloumi then served on baby spinach spiked with wild rocket and cherry tomato

$ 12

A bowl of leaves, fennel, cucumber, spanish onion and apple in lemon dressing

All the dishes on our menu are designed for sharing

We Love These

Signatures and New Adventures

Lamb & Orecchiette
$ 35

Lamb shoulder cooked slowly for 8 hours with mirepoix and red wine, then turned into an aromatic ragu finished with country style semolina pasta, tomato fondue and grana padana cheese

Beef Cheeks & Homemade Gnocchi
$ 35

Gnocchi tossed with beef cheeks — these have been braised with dried porcini mushrooms, red wine and mirepoix, seasoned with a touch of pomegranate molasses, thyme, black pepper and bay leaves. A splash of truffle oil, chunks of roasted pumpkin and a handful of grana padana cheese finish this dish

Vintage Trouble
$ 35

Roasted vegetables rolled in rosemary and garlic are topped with veal reduction, truffle butter and a sliced steak from Cape Grim in Tasmania

Feed your Head
$ 27

Fluffy and fragrant and vegan friendly- rice is tossed with assorted mushrooms, lentils and baby spinach then perfumed with black garlic and served with crisp green vegetables

ADD Char Grilled Chicken Tenders
$ 8

Life is short. Eat dessert first.


(life is short, may we suggest that you start here first?)

The original - it's Chocolate Chocolate
$ 15

Whipped cream is folded into a blend of 55% dark chocolate, coffee and sabayon then topped with mascarpone and cocoa powder

YES! We did It Again
$ 14

A baked cheesecake is served with fruits compote

Mr Plant's Lemon Song as it should be...
$ 14

A street party ending in a graffiti incident involving Pavlova, crushed shortbread, lemon curd and Mascarpone