Our Menu

Experience traditional and tantalizing cuisine. Our menu is constantly changing so that we can use the freshest, seasonal ingredients to create unique experiences for our diners.

Bread and Salads

Garlic Bread
$ 16

Char-grilled sourdough baguette, salt, olive oil, thyme, crispy shallots and garlic

While my Vegetarian gently wept (side two)
$ 27

Ripe marinated tomato is brutally smashed on to a slice of grilled sourdough and then topped with buffalo mozzarella, squirted with pistou and layered with charred broccolini and some house made pickle for your inner well being.

Saucers Full of Secrets
$ 25

Haloumi Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber and Olives served with Lemon and Garlic Hummus and crisp bread

The Knife of Brian
$ 25

A roasted Japanese pumpkin wedge is chargrilled with chermoula spices then served with dressed lettuce and pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, feta and olives

All the dishes on our menu are designed for sharing

We Love These

Signatures and New Adventures

Lamb & Orecchiette
$ 35

Lamb shoulder cooked slowly for 8 hours with mirepoix and red wine, then turned into an aromatic ragu finished with country style semolina pasta, tomato fondue and grana padana cheese

Beef Cheeks & Homemade Gnocchi
$ 35

Gnocchi tossed with beef cheeks — these have been braised with dried porcini mushrooms, red wine and mirepoix, seasoned with a touch of pomegranate molasses, thyme, black pepper and bay leaves. A splash of truffle oil, chunks of roasted pumpkin and a handful of grana padana cheese finish this dish

The Marrakesh Express
$ 28

Hazy Memories of a lazy North African journey - Charred Chicken Tenders rolled in Green Harissa and lazing on a Green salad with grilled Sweet Potato and a Cucumber, Tomato and Herb Shlada. A cooling yoghurt and mint Raita brings some rationality to the situation and reminds me that it will all be OK

The Diner at the Gates of Dawn
$ 35

A sustainably sourced ora king salmon fillet is baked in a mirin, lime and honey glaze ,topped with a little pickled ginger and presented on rice noodles tossed with ripped baby cos, peas and greens

A Voodoo Child (Sal Siri Djon Djon)
$ 25

A creole styled dirty rice incorporating mushrooms, greens, beans, lentils and black garlic. Banana chutney and grilled sweet potato are served as sides

ADD Char Grilled Chicken Tenders
$ 5
ADD Char Grilled King Prawns
$ 12

Life is short. Eat dessert first.


(life is short, may we suggest that you start here first?)

Reggae Sun Splash
$ 14

A cheeky rum from Martinique is blended with vanilla and lime then turned into a baked custard served well brulee with burnt banana

The Return of the Blonde with Attitude (stirred ,but definitely not shaken)
$ 14

Roasted and Stoned fruits are tumbled on a pool of Vanilla Rice Pudding and draped with a splash of Amaretto Anglaise

Ride a White Swan into the Sunset
$ 14

Coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut sugar are simmered with cardamom and vanilla then presented with a selection of mildly inappropriate garnishes -just the way it was dreaming in Carnaby street style